Set up on small orders is expensive (It takes 1/2 hour to set up/take down each screen). We rarely make mistakes but to be safe we recommend to order extra, please allow for a 1% defect rate.
Ink Colors May Shift
On light and dark colored apparel ink colors may shift (Think you might run into this? Ask us about Underlays). Ink colors may also shift on polyester fabrics.

Ladies Sizing May Vary
Ladies sizing can vary from brand to brand and from style to style.
 For example, Junior sizes are approximately two sizes smaller then standard unisex t-shirts. Please double check the Spec Sheets as we will not be held responsible for proper sizing and fitting

These are one of the best ways to improve the durability of your print and make it look great no matter what. Below are some examples of textures.



Image Wear digital printing processes have been developed specifically to address quality, efficiency and cost, using the latest in printing technology to deliver cutting edge digital printing options. Our advanced print-on-demand technology provides what you want when you want it. No more inventory, no more obsolete stock. Inventory or warehousing can be things of the past, and if you are a printer or wholesaler, no more prepress expenses associated with conventional printing processes.


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